Welcome to all Gravity! learners

Welcome to all the learners of the on-line course Gravity on Futurelearn. This web site is meant to be your site.

You will find here all the news about gravity, as well as some of the activities that we will propose in the future. In this way, once you have completed the course, you can use your brand-new knowledge and expertise to know more about gravity, about the Universe and to accompany us in our exciting long-term scientific projects.

For the time being, you can go to the “Gravitational Universe” section where you will find detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the discussions of Gravity!


Pierre Binétruy, for the Gravity! educator team


  • Thanks for starting the page – what a great idea. Thinking of you all this week in particular.
    Best wishes

  • Jen

    Thank you for this class!!!
    I’m trying to play catch up as its been years since my last physics class.
    I came across a couple lectures this last week which have left me with more questions than answers.

    Above was a few years old & said that (by now) data from the Planck satellite would either confirm or refute based on Gravity & polarization. Do you know if the data is back & what implications it may have?

    Also, I found a lecture by Halton Arp, a scientist who’s theory seems to make sense to me but he’ was considered an outsider & discredited. It was in relation to red shift and galaxies expelling energy at their poles which formed quasars, plasma & even new galaxies.
    Any thoughts?

  • Thank you for fascinating and truly inspirational course, looking forward to new editions!
    Best wishes, Irena

  • James Oss

    It was a wonder course and I enjoyed it very much. With that and knowing that a little knowledge is dangerous as some say, I would like to ask if gravity waves might be detected using the rings of Saturn. Would not waves cause an observable distortion in the rings as the wave passed thru the Saturn system? And the distortion be detected by a laser beam passing just above or thru the rings? Thank you for your consideration of this., Jim

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