Google hangout with George Smoot and Pierre Binétruy

Nobel prize winner George Smoot and lead educator Pierre Binétruy will be answering your questions on Thursday November 19 at 17:00 GMT for an hour!

This will be the first of three exciting Google Hangouts being offered on the course Gravity!

Ask your questions!

Whether you follow the course or you are just interested by the physics of the Universe, you will have the opportunity to ask us your questions on general aspects of gravity, but also to interview George on his discovery of the fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background, through a live event called Google+ Hangouts on Air.

This Google Hangout will be streamed live on YouTube and Google+ Hangouts for approximately 60 minutes, where you can follow the questions and answers live.

We encourage you to ask your questions and we’ll select the most popular ones to answer during the Hangout.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • You will be able to send questions and comments before and during the event by submitting them in the Google Hangout Q&A chat window (if you have a Google account).
  • You can send us questions to our Twitter account @Gravity_Paris
  • If you already follow the course Gravity!, you may leave your questions in the discussion of step 3.11.

It is not too late to follow the online course Gravity of FutureLearn. You may register until December 6, but the sooner, the better! After this date, the course will only be accessible to the registered learners. 


  • Bruce Cook

    I applaud the idea of the Google ‘hangout’. However, I found it very difficult to follow because of a combination of poor sound quality and diction.
    Is there a possibility of getting a transcript?

  • domenico mastrogiuseppe

    subtitles in English are essential for those who are not native speakers

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