• Barbara Harrison

    Looks like the start of a great story.

  • Alan H Douglas VMD

    This is a great short story, but it would be wonderful if the characters were more fully developed, say in a novel! I can’t wait for chapter 2, though.

  • t m

    thanks…cute way of explaining sthg so deep & mysterious–maybe u could develop this into sthg along the lines of the ‘Tell Me Why’ magazines for kids..meantime, be showing this version to my kids.

  • Ken Todd

    Road tripping home from New South Wales to The Kimberly, Western Australia to look after the G,Kids.
    Will show them this story and see if we can elicit a response, fingers crossed.
    Hello Pierre and Fellow Alumni, best wishes to you all.

  • norman shone

    Excellent, if only all lessons could be delivered this way

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