A new session of Gravity! starts on Monday 30th January

Classes for the third session of the on-line course Gravity! start on Monday 30th January, for six weeks. You may register here on the FutureLearn platform. The course is free and registration is open to everyone.

Since its first run, this course has attracted close to 90 000 learners, including both French and English versions. This new session follows the same programme. It revisits the emergence of the main concepts from Galileo to Newton and Einstein before discussing some of the main aspects of gravity in the Universe – Big Bang, expansion and cosmic inflation, cosmic microwave background, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, ending with gravitational waves, whose detection was announced in February 2016. This will certainly be the climax of this course!

Gravity! is for all those of you curious about the mysteries of the Universe and invites you to understand, without any prerequisite in physics, the foundations of Einstein’s theory that makes gravity “the engine of the Universe”.

The Gravity! course is produced by the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics and the Endowment Fund Physics of the Universe from Paris Diderot University.

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  • Roma Giehl

    The course was just brilliant – very well structured and my admiratation for Prof. Pierre doing this in such an understandable way for someone who didn’t have the faintest knowledge of science and that physics could be so much fun!!

    A big thank you to the entire team and I hope there will be a continuation to this.

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