Grant Pierre Binétruy

As many of you have expressed the wish to contribute somehow to the continuation of Pierre Binétruy’s work, we have conceived the project to create a research grant bearing his name.

If thus you wish to make a gift on behalf of Pierre, we suggest you participate in the creation of this research grant bearing his name. All donations received since April 1st 2017 will fund this grant.

Donations to the Grant Pierre Binétruy can be made to the Endowment Fund Physique de l’Univers which he directed: Your donations to the grant Pierre Binétruy

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  • Allan

    Wow still cant believe it I finished several courses through Futurelearn as Gravity,THermal Dynamics,Higgs Boson,Innovation,Basic Science,Numeracy Skills,Basic Robotics,Getting a Grip on Mathematical Symbolism,The Science of Nuclear Energy.They were all really good MOOCs.
    Remember his accent and the sounds he used to illustrate his point on parts of the subject Gravity.

    He is now part of the massive thing called GRAVITY Forever !

    Cheers my learned friend.

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