Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity confirmed by Microscope

Microscope CNES/Ducros

On December 4th, 2017 the first results analysed from the Microscope satellite confirmed the equivalence principle with a precision of 2.10-14, which is already 10 times better than the best experiments conducted so far. The goal of the mission is to reach a precision of 2.-15. Up to now, bodies still fall with the same acceleration in a vacuum and Microscope first results reconfirm Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, as formulated a century ago.

You will find below the press release, links to the ARXIV publications and for further explanations on the equivalence principle, you can read, or re-read, our posts:

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CP190-2017 – MicroscopeV16_va

3 articles available on ARXIV :  Touboul et al  Bergé et al  Fayet

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