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The book and the glass of water experiments (week I)

Experiment with gravity!

Gravity! The book – PCCPtvYouTube

Gravity! The glass of water – PCCPtv – YouTube

Galileo and the falling bodies

We have all experienced the fall of massive bodies. Let us follow Galileo to see how, from this common experiment, one can deduce a universal law. And beware of our immediate intuition! (11:51 minutes)

First encounter with relativity

Continue with Galileo, focusing on the notions of inertia and mass. And discover the principle of relativity, as expressed by the same Galileo. This will lead us smoothly to Einstein’s version of relativity, later this week. (6:46)

Einstein and the space-time

Now let us embark on the world of relativity, this time the relativity of Einstein. By applying the principle edited by Galileo to the case of electromagnetism, Einstein concludes that the velocity of light is a constant of nature. This has far reaching consequences, making the notions of time and space dependent on the frame of reference. And this leads to the notion of space-time. Special relativity is born. We are in 1915. (6:37)

The story of the Planck satellite

Hear the story of the Planck mission from members of the Planck Collaboration.

The story of Planck – PCCPtv – YouTube